1. Through-hike the Appalachian Trail with Kent. 
  2. Climb Mount Fuji again. But reach the summit this time. 
  3. Do a pull up. 
  4. Travel to Helen's house in the French countryside with my family. 
  5. Live to meet the adults my children become. 
  6. Run a marathon. 
  7. Write a book about my brother's recovery from the bicycle accident that almost killed him. 
  8. Forgive. 
  9. Have surgery to repair the gaping hole in my abdomen caused by the twin pregnancy. 
  10. Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge. 
  11. See the moon or Mars, Venus or Jupiter, through a university-caliber telescope. 
  12. Pull the piece of fiction I started from its hiding place and see if I can weave a story worth reading. 
  13. Work a seasonal job at a local garden center. 
  14. Teach Esme to play jacks. 
  15. Watch Kent complete an Ironman. 
  16. Camp in Grand Teton National Park. 
  17. Jump out of a plane. Again. 
  18. Swim in the Mediterranean. 
  19. Go to summer camp with my kids. 
  20. Grow a grouping of purple globe aliums like I used to savor in my neighborhood in Japan. 
  21. Snowshoe at night under a full moon. 
  22. Learn to make shrimp 'n' grits. 
  23. Identify every plant in my garden by its Latin name. 
  24. Do an Outward Bound trip by myself. 
  25. Make fire. 
  26. See Bruce Springsteen play a small Jersey venue. 
  27. Learn to sew. 
  28. Bobsled in Lake Placid. 
  29. Eat lobster in Maine. 
  30. Take Kent to Tsuyama. 
  31. Earn a paycheck again. 
  32. Learn to surf. 
  33. Renew my marriage vows. 
  34. Peek over the edge of a roiling volcano. 
  35. Jump off a dock holding hands with my children. Me on one side of them, Kent on the other. And someone must snap a photo. 
  36. Hunt for truffles. 
  37. Listen to Helen sing "West Jamaica" by Toots & The Maytals again. 
  38. Take a week-long river trip through the Grand Canyon. 
  39. Invite the Obamas for pizza night at our house. 
  40.  Get my picture taken by Chookooloonks
  41. Take a pole-dancing class 
  42. Windsurf. 
  43. Spear a fish. 
  44. Attend a farm table dinner for my 40th birthday. 
  45. Ice skate in Central Park with Esme. 
  46. See a show on Broadway. 
  47. See a show off Broadway. 
  48. Watch an Alvin Ailey dance production. 
  49. Ride in a hot air balloon. 
  50. Milk a cow. 
  51. Shear a sheep. 
  52. Take Esme and Josephine to the "Eloise" room at the Plaza. 
  53. Go to a rocket launch with Desmond. 
  54. Go to Burning Man. 
  55. Ride in Rolling Thunder. 
  56. Climb to the top of the Capitol rotunda. 
  57. Visit a Finnish sauna. 
  58. See the Statue of Liberty. 
  59. Hike in Vancouver. 
  60. Eat strawberries and cream at Wimbledon. 
  61. Eat a cheesesteak in Philadelphia. 
  62. Buy a pair of cowboy boots. 
  63. Take a trapeze class. 
  64. Collect honey from a beehive. 
  65. Drive a NASCAR race car. 
  66. Cook with an ostrich egg. 
  67. Can peaches. 
  68. Learn to drive an 18-wheeler. 
  69. Stand next to a redwood in Redwood National Park. 
  70. Listen to live music in Austin, Texas. 
  71. Wear a hat to the Kentucky Derby. 
  72. Redesign Feast After Famine. 
  73. Dive from a cliff. 
  74. Sail to an island. 
  75. Chop open a coconut. 
  76. Carry water on my head. 
  77. Get rained on in Seattle. 
  78. Hang happy messages of love and inspiration on sticky notes around town. 
  79. See a cocoa bean on the plant. 
  80. Visit a coffee plantation. 
  81. Walk in the dark with a fire torch. 
  82. Make pasta from scratch. 
  83. Drive across the country. 
  84. Go on a yoga retreat. 
  85. Visit an apple orchard, then make an apple pie. 
  86. Take a self-portrait. 
  87. Find a four-leaf clover. 
  88. Learn how to apply make up. 
  89. See and smell a corpse flower in bloom. 
  90. Go to a rodeo. 
  91. Buy something at an auction. 
  92. Grow a tomato from seed. 
  93. Skate in a roller derby. 
  94. Hear oral arguments at the U.S. Supreme Court. 
  95. Visit the Eric Carle museum. 
  96. Ride a mechanical bull. 
  97. Bungee jump. 
  98. See the Terracotta Army in China. 
  99. Take in a show at the Metropolitan Opera. 
  100. Go to the top of Rockefeller Center at night... in the snow.