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Yoga Selfies Give Bad Karma

I fell off my bike into a pile of goose poo. 

It happened at about mile 18 of a really crappy ride. I'd just pulled off the Mount Vernon Trail into a patch of grass near the river that offers a great view of the Lincoln and Washington monuments. I thought, 'What better way to turn this shit morning around than take a fun handstand photo with the monuments as a back drop.'

What I'd forgotten is how hundreds of geese typically congregate in that area and basically treat the grass like it's one giant toilet bowl. So, I got close to the water's edge then decided, nope, don't wanna turn upside down there. 

I turned to direct my bike back to the trail, but the grass was also soaked from the all the recent rain so I was kind of stuck. Why? Well, because I couldn't take my right foot off the pedal. One of the myriad reasons why the ride had been crap until that point was the discovery that my cycling shoe couldn't unclip. I wasn't thinking about that when I stopped. 

There I was standing in the muck, my right shoe clipped in and I had to get back onto the bike and make it go. The problem was I couldn't balance and churn it through the mud and clip my left foot in all at once. I tried several times before ultimately tumbling ignobly to the right and on my ass. 

I managed to pull my foot out of the shoe and stand myself back up before hopping through the mud to the trail. When I got home, a neighbor who was walking by asked how my ride was. "Terrible!" I spewed. 

I have a friend who follows me on Instagram where I post a lot of yoga photos. I'm pretty sure he'd tell me the moral of the story is stop taking pictures of myself upside down. 

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